Any kind of sexual activity is allowed anyway, your doll is always good for you and you can have sex anytime.

A set of cleaning supplies for silicone adult sex dolls. Most silicone dolls have this, but older (previously favorite) dolls may not. Anything that can be sprayed with a lot of water and a sponge on a stick or bottle will do. An antibacterial liquid hand soap for detergent. Some clean household silicone is inevitable and needs to have small cracks and scratches. Use antibacterial solution or soap to clean every orifice of the body to prevent any bacteria-related diseases.

Sex dolls are a great investment in personal happiness

So you want to buy a silicone sex doll? Good choice! They are a great investment in personal happiness. However, there may be an age limit for the first time entering the store - just like a bar does not allow minors to enter, even if the minors do not intend to drink.

silicone love doll

Silicone dolls are used to avoid various diseases caused by bacteria. The spray contains sick slats, which helps reduce skin irritation. premiumsexdoll is the best adult doll supplier, and they are undoubtedly the best dolls in the industry. You can buy dolls directly from their website.

Generally, they are expensive, so unless you have money…but if you really want it, go for it. Also, I would say that it can be hard to find real people, but to be honest, it’s a good place to get sex dolls that excite you sexually. But hey, if you really want it, it’s okay.

They can wear clothes, but make sure the clothes are not tight. If you want to show off your clothes, then thin clothes are your best choice. You can wear silicone dolls on belts or wires, but only wear them for a few hours. Even then, there are still risks because tapes and wires will leave indentations in the skin, which will become a pita. If it is tight, only for a short time (a few hours) and never stored. Most of the time, the clothes should be a size larger than her size.

But with the internet, you really don’t have to worry about it. All it takes to command is a debit card, which can be obtained through a minor’s checking account. Use water-based lubricants when using sex dolls, because oily gels can harm the use of silicone in the doll. Regular sex dolls have three main openings, so make sure the openings are smooth and add the right amount of water-based lubricants.

You should clean the realistic sex dolls for sale frequently, especially after use or contact with body fluids. After washing, dry the silicone doll thoroughly with a clean towel to remove any excess moisture. Makeup can be wiped off with a hot towel. To clean the doll's hair, remove the wig from the head and clean the wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

After each use, clean the vagina, anus, and mouth of the vagina doll and dry thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth. First, how old are you? If you are not old enough to buy pornographic magazines or videos, the answer is "no, you should not buy a silicone doll."

If you are old enough, the second consideration is whether you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on something you may not like. Looking closely, it turns out that many dolls have arrived at new homes, only for the owner to find that they are not suitable.

Why do you want a doll? If they are new to sex, or just out of love, dolls can help them overcome their nervousness, but you should remember that dolls are not real women unless you do not plan to continue to look for a mate, this is temporary. If you do find a girlfriend at some point, be prepared to store your doll or sell her. I do not recommend embarrassing her or letting her know about her new girlfriend, because no one likes to be deceived, and it will damage your relationship with the live girl.

Online shopping is the best option for buying sex toys. You can also check out a wide variety of silicone dolls. There are a lot of sex shops that sell silicone dolls online.

Are you ready to put your work into your sex doll? While they are basically "perfect", they are not free and perfect. Without going into detail, you have to consider that they must be cleaned after use and properly stored.

Are you ready for the reactions of your friends/family if they find your doll? Especially in very conservative families, dolls may be considered "weird" or "wrong". You still have to do a lot of research before buying a doll. Don't fall for it.

You also have to consider the laws in your country when deciding if a doll is right for you. Let the poor people in St. John, Netherlands, get arrested for making child pornography with dolls they ordered online from Japan. But at the end of the day, the only person who knows what is right for you is you.